Kelly & Ryan | Married

When I received Kelly's initial email, I think I squealed!  A wedding at the Mill at Fine Creek?!  That's where Nik and I got married!!!  I was SO excited!  Plus, Kelly seemed so sweet and laid back.  I didn't get to meet Kelly and Ryan in person until their wedding day since they live in Texas, but it was worth the wait.  What an amazing wedding day!  It rained and rained all day, but they couldn't have cared any less.  They were getting married and that was all that mattered!  I have so many favorites from this beautiful day!

An extra special thank you to my best friend Kelsey for assisting me all day!  I think we make a pretty good team!  Love you, Kels!!

Gorgeous, gorgeous Kelly in her dress!

A prayer circle before the ceremony...

Kelsey got these shots of Ryan's face as his bride made her way down the aisle!  

What a creative entrance!  I loved this!