Our Story and Some Exciting News!

I'm often asked about my relationship with my husband... "How did you meet?  When did you start dating?  Why don't you live together?!"  All valid questions!  Since we recently got some exciting news regarding our future, I thought I would finally share the answers to those questions!  

We started dating in middle school when we were just 13 and 14 years old.  August 3, 2003 to be exact.  We spent a lot of time chatting on AIM and going on dates to dinner and the movies.  He came into my life at just the right time.  Everything was changing, but he always stayed the same.  

A photo of us in our early days!  Please excuse the picture-of-a-picture Instagram quality.  

I'm not sure how, really, but we stayed together through high school.  It was certainly not easy considering the emotional roller coaster that high school is, but we made it!  I graduated and he had one more year of high school left.  Off to VCU I went...

That first year I spent at VCU was just the start of our long distance relationship.  It helped prepare us for the next fall.  Nik was recruited to play division 1 soccer (his dream!!!) in New York City of all places.  We took a day trip to visit and had so much fun thinking of all the amazing experiences he could have in the city... and the things we could do when I visited!  So it was official, he was going to Long Island University in Brooklyn!  

The next photo is of his first home game at LIU, followed by some other fun New York adventures we've had - the Lion King on Broadway, Times Square, Yankees games.  

So, there we were, thinking we were nearing the end of a 5 year long distance relationship on cloud 9 and home for winter break before heading back for one last semester of school.  How could life get any better?!  I'll tell you how... when your boyfriend of 8 years proposes to you at the same movie theater where you had your first date with the ticket stub and the most beautiful antique heirloom engagement ring.  

Photo by Nikki Santerre Photography

Photo by Nikki Santerre Photography

We finished up that last semester... I was already working on my master's at that point and Nik was graduating with his bachelor's.  We were so ready to be together and start our life together.  Then, as Nik's family and I were sitting at the senior awards banquet, the Athletic Director at LIU came over to our table.  He offered Nik a graduate assistantship to work for the university and study for his master's degree... an amazing opportunity that we were in no place to turn down.  He accepted of course!  But, this also meant 2 more years apart.  I spent the rest of that weekend holding back tears.  I hated that I felt so sad about it!

Anywho!  There was just too much excitement going on at that time to be sad.  We were planning our wedding!!!  That helped us get through that next year apart.  The summer of 2013 rolled around... I graduated from VCU with my master's, got my first teaching job, and after much anticipation we were MARRIED on August 3, 2013 after 10 years to the day of dating!  Oh, and what a day it was.  The best day of our lives and a dream come true!  Here is one of my (many) favorite photos from our wedding day.  That day deserves a whole post to itself, which I fully intend to write.  

Photo by Bee Photographie

Photo by Bee Photographie

Fast forward nine months and here we are in the fourth quarter of our first year of marriage!  Nik is wrapping up his master's degree and he will graduate in less than a month.  LESS THAN A MONTH!!!  EEEP!  We have been preparing for the next chapter of our life together and looking forward to all of the everyday things that most married couples get to enjoy.  

With that said, Nik recently accepted a job offer from Clemson University, so we will be moving to SOUTH CAROLINA!  We get to be together!!!  The next few weeks are sure to fly by, with so much anticipation for Nik's graduation and the move to our new home!  

More to come... :)