Merry Christmas! | 2013

Last weekend, Nik and I ventured to Snead's Farm in Fredericksburg to get our very first tree!  It was so much fun and the people there are so kind.  We want to make cutting down a tree a yearly tradition!  Along with exchanging Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve.  I always wonder what kinds of things other couples/families do each year.  Ideas?!  Here are a few photos we took during our first tree-cutting experience together!


That's the one!!! :)


I was trying to get some pictures and he cut the tree down in 2.5 seconds!  So, here's the ONE I got!ImageImageImageImageImage

We set the camera up on the tripod to get a photo together... kinda like a photographer's version of a selfie.  Well, we forgot the remote and we couldn't quite figure out how to change the setting to make it longer than 2 seconds, so we had to press the shutter button and run to our spot.  We were laughing so hard!


Merry Christmas from the Conklins!!!